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Camping is popular both in terms of camping caravan, camplet, full, cabins, mobilhome m.m. Campers enjoy the freedom and, to be close to nature, and meet other menesker with the same interest.

Movers for caravans is also popular among campers with caravans, it is partly because there is still a growing need for more comfort, and caravans have become bigger and heavier.

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Moving your caravan can be a challenging maneuver in particular can be difficult, to get the caravan into some plots with trees or small para cells as well as in the driveway – Unless you have a Mover mounted.

There are many types Movers market blah.:
Truma Mover, SimPark Mover, GO2 Mover, Enduro Mover, Powrtouch, Powrwheel, Move Kronings, Reich Mover, AL-KO Mammut Mover, Trolley Mover, E-go Mover, PS-Mover/ P1-Mover.
(P1-Mover og PS-Mover er den samme Mover, P1-mover is provided to Holland, and imported into Denmark named PS-Mover).

It can be very, to decide which model mover you have to buy. You should be aware of, that the mover has been eyeing, can pull the caravan total weight etc., always conduct research on caravan mover can handle caravan laden weight.

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Camping Flag:

You can read more about Camping Flag through this • Link:Camping Flag.


Secure your caravan battery in winter:

Did you know, at that. 18,52 % take out the battery in winter, and about. 34,09 % the battery is left in the caravan without charging the battery. Remaining charge the battery 1-3 times in the period or every month – Data are from polls.Click here to read more on facts about movers

Winter securing the battery in winter: Read more about the security of the battery in the winter we have this link

Lithium battery 30 Ah only weighs 4,2 kg:

Lithium battery 30 Ah only weighs 4,2 kg, and is enough, moving a caravan mover in the 35 minutes.
You can read more about Lithium battery 30 Ah:See more via this link.

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The right ball pressure:

You can read more about the right ball pressure via this • Link:The right ball pressure.

Download packing list:


Click here and download packing list as a PDF file


Do you manage your gas refrigerator in the caravan:

In order to maintain the safety of gas refrigerator and maximum cooling performance, There is therefore good reason, to ensure gas burner and gas nozzle is maintained.

You can read more about gas refrigerator (Gas burner and gas nozzle):See more via this link.

Switching Glycol on your Alde central heating systems:

How you can check if there Glycol (coolant) sufficient protection against frost and against rust and corrosion, and how you can replace Glycol (coolant).

Read more about controlling Glycol and replacement of Glycol: See more via this link

Carbon monoxide Alarm:

Husk CO (carbon monoxide) is dangerous – CO (carbon monoxide) is an invisible and odorless gas.
Read more about Carbon Monoxide Alarm 7 year warranty and 7 year battery life: See more via this link

Overloaded caravan:


Overloaded caravan can have great influence on the wagon train handling, both in relation to the risk of getting slinger and the ability to slow.


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Lacquer varnish of caravan:

A caravan which has regularly been lakforsejling not only looks good, but are also better protected from the elements such as the sun's UV rays.
Read more about lacquer varnish of caravan See more via this link

Error on the refrigerators in caravans and Motorhomes:

Here you can find suggestions for troubleshooting and known bugs in refrigerators for Do-It-Yourself Projects.

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Slinger in caravan:

The campers who have tried, that their caravan came into beating by how uncomfortable it is, and fortunately many escaped with the unpleasant experience.

Read more about beating around the caravan:

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Fakta om Move & Caravans

Here you will find many useful information on Movers and Caravans.

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