Alloy wheels for caravans

Alloy wheels for Camper

It has become popular, to do something about his caravan with bla. attractive alloy wheels for caravan or motorhome – Alloy wheels look super great.

Installation of new 15″ alloy wheels and tires instead of standard 14″ on our Kabe

We have changed our Kabe out with another model Kabe caravan, and want it to freshen up on looking outside, Therefore, we have chosen, To mount the new 15″ alloy wheels and tires instead of 14″ 🙂 . The picture below shows the standard wheels on our Kabe, they are a little sad to look at our view – The two loose wheels are new rims and tires 🙂 .
alloy wheels for caravan

Alloy wheels caravan

Old alloy wheels and tires.

better stability

In addition to current standard alloy wheels is a little dull to look at, and new alloy wheels give our Kabe a boost external, we mount 195/70 R15C 104 / 102S alloy wheels and tires, instead of standard 185/14 alloy wheels.
That means we go from 14″ to 15″ tires and rims – Standard tires have load index of 102/100, and our new tire has load index of 104/102, which is a stronger tires and more stable tires.

Loadindex 104/102 can cope with a weight of 900 kg pr. deck.
Loadindex 102/100 can cope with a weight of 850 kg pr. deck.

When installing our new 15″ alloy wheels and new tires 195/70 R15C 104/102, achieve better stability when towing a caravan 🙂 , partly because the tire has a stronger structure, and the tire is not so high and is slightly larger in width. We should in future better handling / stability, In addition, it looks super great – In addition to 15″ better suited to caravan, is the new alloy wheels just super beautiful.

Alloy wheels for caravan

new 15″ deck- and wheels in wrappers just received from dealer.

Picture shows our new 15″ alloy wheels 🙂

Alloy wheels for caravan

Picture shows our new 15″ alloy wheels fitted – Wow it looks good 🙂 – Ready for the next camping trip 🙂 .-

Alloy wheels for caravan

Fully assembled – Super great.

The new alloy wheels have been afballancereret where we bought tires- and alloy wheels

Alloy wheels for caravan

Our new alloy wheels have been balancing the same place as we took delivery of tires- and wheels – Note balancing is black as the rims, The same applies to the new valve. It really is quality, where nothing is left to chance – German quality.

Includes new wheel bolts and new fitted hubcaps.

Alloy wheels for caravan

New bolts included for alloy wheels.

Quality tire was mounted the same site

We chose and get fitted quality tires from the same dealer, tires Semperit quality tires which are related to Continental tires. The tires have a carrying capacity of 900 kg pr. PCS., and are rigid in the carcass, and thereby stable and run with. Along with new strong alloy wheels that can handle 1.000 kg. pr. PCS., and with tires that can carry 900 kg. pr. PCS., we are a good start in the future – Our caravan has a total weight of 1.600 kg :-).

Alloy wheels for caravan

Quality tires were mounted.

Where to buy alloy wheels / steel rims and tires for caravans:

We can recommend see more via:
• Link: Caravanreifen Danish website
• Link: Caravanreifen Swedish website

Link to this page specializes in bla. alloy wheels, steel wheels & tires for caravans & Campers – has wheels for all also the picky campers.

When ordering, we received our alloy wheels, deck complete with new bolts just 3 days.
The tires are mounted on the aluminum wheels, just as they have been afballanceret before delivery, ready for installation. Includes new wheel bolts and hubcaps.

Thinking, pamper your caravan with new rims and tires, you should visit this link: Caravanreifen . Should you not find what you were looking for on the website, is quick answer by mail or by telephone, and the possibilities are great.

Buy correct wheels and tires

You should be aware of, the wheels for caravans or camper must be able to carry a heavier weight than wheels for passenger cars. Our new wheels can wear 1000 kg pr. alloy wheels.

We have previously ordered tires- and alloy wheels via a German company, and have been pleased with both the quality of tires and rims as well as happy a super good and fast operation.

Our first choice was the same German company that stands for quality and good customer service, and the company is a specialist in bla. tires and wheels for caravans and motorhomes, and nothing is left to chance. We have both times got a very professional operation, and the quality is top (German quality). See link further down, For information about how we have ordered tires- and alloy wheels to our caravan.

As before, we received a few days after ordering our deck- and alloy wheels which were well wrapped. Wheels are 15″ Incl. balancing and new valve and fitted with new 195/70 R15C 104 / 102S tires, quality – Although the valve and alfballanceringen is quality, and in the same black color as the alloy wheels 🙂 – There are really talking about a dealer who knows his stuff – Spring will be with new alloy wheels, and you feel you've got a new caravan.

Alloy wheels for caravan

Fully assembled – Super great.

Mounting – Fixing the wheels

When mounting the wheels must rims in the same way as the car tightened with a torque wrench for proper tilspændning.

The tightening torque of the wheel bolts for alloy is 120 Nm regularly lead Kabe manual.
The wheel bolts must be tightened after 50-200 km's drive (also applies when changing wheels). Only use wheel bolts designed alloy wheels.

steel wheels:
The tightening torque of the wheel bolts for steel wheels, 90 Nm regularly lead Kabe manual.

correct tire pressure

It is the air in the tire that carries the caravan, Why it Matters, that tires have the correct tire pressure for optimum drive and stability and the best fuel economy.

Check only tire pressure when tires are cold, not after a long drive. It is important to regularly check your caravan tire and wheel nuts, which can minimize the risk of injury, accidents as well as reducing wear.

Recommendations that can improve your security:

• Be aware of aging damage when your caravan tires have some years behind him: The sidewall may not have small or large cracks or bulges.
• Do not leave your caravan at half-flat tires for a long time. It damages the tires.
• Do not half-flat tires - tires can be damaged even over short distances.
• Do not drive too fast - the risk of tire damage develops increases with the go.
• Remember the tire worst enemies are: low tire pressure, overloading, high speed and curbs.
• If you lose a valve cap, you should soon buy a new. If you drive without valve cap, can sit dirt road in the valve which can then leak the next time you check your tire pressure.

Winter and all-year tires:

Is the tire marked with M + S label and the mountain- and snowflake symbol on the tire, it is a winter tire. Is it only marked with M + S mark is an all seasons. Summer tires do not have a label on the side. The maximum grip in winter with snow and slippery roads obtained with winter tires.


What is ET (inset) ?

You hear often verbatim ET (indpresning / inset) when discussing rims, What is ET ?:

A = inset, and is an abbreviation of the German word Einpres Tiefe measured in millimeters – Most often a value between 10 and 50. A is the number of millimeters from the rim flange to the contact surface to the hub.

ET is increased = rims moves within the caravan or camper van.
A decrease = rim moves toward the screen edge.

Is it important to press depth is correct ?
Rims with an incorrect pressing (A value) becomes a problem, when your rims has an ET value is ...
– Too high, rims / tires can go on spring strut / shock absorbers / wheel arches
– Too low, rims / tires can go against the fenders

Most dealers of tires and rims can tell you, the pressing is correct for your caravan / camper.

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