Spring Preparing Caravan & Move

Now approaching spring up, and some campers get their caravan from hibernation, and other campers have used the caravan in winter. common is, that it is a good idea to do the caravan spring ready. Caravaninfo.dk In this article assembled an excerpt of ideas and links to articles, we hope you can use.

Frostsprunget solenoid valve:

Some campers are in for a surprise when they turn the water on the caravan, and finds out there is a leak because there has been a frost. The leakage can come from the hot water tank or toilet compartment due to frost skipped solenoid valve: See more about how to frost-proof and changes the "solenoid valve" through this article:

Replace and maintain the solenoid valve:

•Link: Replacing the Solenoid Valve

•Link: Maintain and frost-proof solenoid valve

Solenoid valve Caravan

The solenoid valve and vacuum equalizes.

Sealers for your caravan:

Wash and care of your caravan is not only to, To ensure a clean caravan, but also protection of the caravan. See more about lacquer varnish of your caravan through this:

•Link: Lacquer varnish of caravan

•Link: Removing scratches on caravan windows

Lubricate your caravan:

Lubricate your caravan helps, make sure your caravan is working as intended. See more about how to make the lubrication of your caravan through this:

•Link: Lubrication of the caravan

Remove: resin, Asphalt, insects, black stripes, etc., the caravan, car paint and car windows

See how dirt effortlessly cleaned off without you must do more than, to spray little AutoGlym Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner on, and let it sit in minutes, rinse or wash after.

Auto glyme caravan

Antenna before cleaning with Autoglym Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner.

AutoGlym Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner

Looks like our antenna a few seconds after spray with Autoglym Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner.

See the final result in the article 🙂

•Link: Remove: resin, Asphalt, insects, black stripes, etc., the caravan, car paint and car windows

mover maintenance:

Do you want a reliable mover, you should maintain your mover.
See more about maintenance of the mover via this:

•Link: mover maintenance

•Link: See also overview / article about Movers

Gaskøleskab and uncontrolled flame:

You should clean the gas burner on your gas refrigerator, thus avoid uncontrolled flame which can be a fire hazard (see picture below). Cleaning the gas burner for your gas refrigerator can also cause, your fridge can get more power and thus cools better.
See more in this article as bla. shows how a ukontrollerende flame looks like and what you should maintain, and how often you should maintain the gas burner for, To ensure utmost safety and cooling power:

•Link: Do you manage your gas refrigerator – avoid ukontrollende flame

•Link:Optimization of gas refrigerator – proper cooling

Carbon monoxide alarm and smoke detector with up to 10 year warranty:

When you have caravan should install a quality carbon monoxide alarm and a quality smoke detector. You should not save money here, purchase only the best then you have peace of mind, and it seems when it should seem – It will not last forever, and much has happened in the market.
We recommend Honeywell's quality carbon monoxide alarm 7 year warranty and 7 year battery life and Honeywell's quality smoke detector with 10 year warranty and 10 year battery life - See more via these two links:

•Link: Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 7 year warranty and 7 year battery life

•Link: Smoke detector with 10 year warranty and 10 year battery life

Battery Chargers for Camper & Caravan Mover:

Some campers experience when they have downloaded their caravan from hibernation, their mover does not work.
There may be several factors that may be the cause, but start to check if the battery is defective. It is hard for the battery if it has not been properly cared for winter, and optionally. has been fully discharged.
Read more about the battery in the caravan through this:

•Link: Battery in caravan

Missing you Pushchairs in the caravan
, then you should see this article on lithium battery 30 an på 4,2 kg or 20 Ah the only 3,8 Incl. Battery charger kg.

•Link: lithium battery 30 an på 4,2 kg or 20 an på 3,2 kg to caravan and Mover

•Link: Lithium batteries for caravan and Mover

Victron Battery Monitor BMV-712 Smart Quality, and displays real-time accurate information on your battery whether the charger is plugged. You can view data on your battery from Victron App, Easy and quick. Forget about battery sence which does not measure as accurately, and has less features.

See article via this link: Victron Battery monitor BMV-712 Smart

Victron Battery monitor BMW-712 Smart

Victron Battery monitor BMW-712 Smart

Victron Blue Smart IP67 battery charger for caravan is a pro. battery charger for the discerning campers who want a quality battery charger which ensure your battery longevity, and which can be controlled via
bluetooth med Victron Connect APP. In addition, Victron Blue Smart IP67 without fans to cool the battery charger, thereby avoid fan noise.

See article via this link: Victron Blue Smart IP67 battery charger for caravan

Faulty Caravan Mover:

Oftentimes error on a mover, bad cable connections. It may be ir or loose connections in the terminals or by tightening places. See more about errors at the caravan mover in debugging mover via this:

•Link: Troubleshooting Caravan Mover

•Link: See also overview / article about Movers

Alde (glycol liquid):

Have you alde central heating in the caravan, should you check if there is enough liquid in the container. You should also check the glycol liquid has the proper protective function, or switch glycol fluid in your alde central heating systems.
See more about how to check the glycol fluid still works as well as how to switch glycol liquid via this:

•Link: Interchangeable glycol fluid in the caravan and, how you check the glycol fluid still works

•Link: Alde Glycol change itself

Refrigerator does not work:

Having problems with your refrigerator does not work or cools properly on gas, 12 It was eller 230 Volt - See more about repair & improvement of the refrigerator through that:

•Link: Repair and improvement of the refrigerator in caravan

•Link: See the overview / article regarding the refrigerator in caravan

Are you tired of your refrigerator does not cool not optimal:

Are you tired of your refrigerator does not cool not optimal, so let's get a cool talk, for there is possibility of installing a 12 volt compressor refrigerators - See more about 12 volt compressor refrigerators through this:

•Link: 12 It was Kompressorkøleskab

•Link: See the overview / article regarding the refrigerator in caravan

Gasfilter & crude gas:

There are often debates about whether the F-Gas containing oily residues in the gas. Caravaninfo.dk has contacted Alde and Kosangas and Primagas for, To investigate whether there is a need for additional equipment in the form of a gas filter due to any. oily residues in the gas.
See the results of our study via this:

• Link Gasfilter & crude gas

Cleaning the Awning, Caravan & Water Tank M. M:

Cleaning the awning, caravan and water tank just to name a few, can be cleaned simply and cheaply. You do not often buy expensive paid special products.
See more about, to save money on cleaning the caravan and awning via this:

•Link: Cleaning the awning & water tank M. M

Alloy wheels for caravans:

Kabe caravan as freshening up on looking exterior with fitted new 15″ alloy wheels and tires instead of 14″ 🙂 . The picture below shows the standard wheels on our Kabe, they are a little sad to look at our view – The two loose wheels are new rims and tires 🙂 .
alloy wheels for caravan

Alloy wheels for caravan

See the article via this link •: Alloy wheels for caravans

caravan tires:

Has caravan should not forget how important nationwide is - Here applies pressure, age and quality. Remember it is the 2 or 4 wheels to be carrying your delicious caravan, and the price of the caravan tires is small relative cost of a new caravan or any equipment such as.
See more about campingvognsdæk via this:

•Link: caravan tires

Fakta om Move & Caravans:

Camping is popular both in terms of camping caravan, camplet, full, cabins, mobilhome m.m. Campers enjoy the freedom and, to be close to nature, and meet other menesker with the same interest.
See more about Facts about movers & caravans through this:

•Link: Fakta om Move & Caravans

Packing List:

Do not have a packing list, you can download our popular package list regularly lead the link below:

Click here and download packing list as a PDF file

Packing List

See article regarding gas alarms via links:

•Link: Article on gas alarms

Kabe Talk

Facebook group: Kabe Talk

Kabe Talk is for everyone who has a Kabe Caravan or Motorhome (Free to join) - The group is also for you who are considering Kabe or maybe you want to follow because you are considering Kabe 🙂 .
The group is not a club and is not commercial, is intended that we can discuss everything regarding Kabe Caravans & Motorhomes. Purchase and Sale of Kabe Caravans and Motorhomes and related equipment is allowed.

•Link: Kabe Talk

Kabe Talk

Camping, Equipment & Technology:

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