Gasmåler Gascontrol W8

Gasmåler – Electronic weight to the gas cylinder from Brunner called GASCONTROL W8. You can via your smartphone or tablet to read how much gas is in the cylinder and how many hours of use the content rows.

This gas meter can be applied to most gas cylinders, dog max. Ø 30 cm. With a height of only 4,5 cm and weight of 580 grams is the easy, to use in both caravan, motorhome.

Made of durable plastic material with a base of metal, and use 4 x 1,5V AA batterier (not included).
Gas meter Camper

Gasmåler W8

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• Is suitable for most gas cylinders with max. 30 cm diameter
• Measures quick how much gas in the gas cylinder
• Shows how long you can use gas
• Reading of the filling level via smart phone or tablet
• Bluetooth-teknologi
• Software is compatible with Android and iOS systems
• Free Download app for smartphone or tablet
• battery operation
• Protection in durable plastic with a metal base plate
• Easy to use
• Smart and works well and stable


Insert 4 x 1,5V AA batterier, and turn on the button that lights, and shows the going – Download den gratis app “W8 system”.Gasmåler W8

How does W8 gasmåler:

After installing the batteries cf.. the above, teeth turning on the gas meter – Download nu gratis W8 app (W8 System) – See more:
Gasmåler W8

Gasmåler W8

After downloading the app you see this photo

Gasmåler W8

Photo shows you must register

Gasmåler W8

You write name, you can see we have written Caravan Info, and you select the gas bottle using such 10 then writes the gas cylinder kg weight 5,3 kg

Gasmåler W8

You can change the information in the setup.

Gasmåler W8

You turn the key and it flashes green.

Gasmåler W8

New filled gas cylinder is placed on the gas meter.

Gasmåler W8

Gasmåleren displays correctly 100%, and it shows the temperature where it is located.
Given, time is also shown. battery shows 100 % – The new batteries 🙂

Gasmåler W8

We try and take the gas cylinder of the gas meter – It currently shows 0% – In addition, there will be a red info. box appears and a beep sound that tells low gas level.

Images can be enlarged by clicking on the picture:
Gasmåler W8

Information about how much gas cylinder weighs you can find two places on the cylinder: At the top and on the side of the cylinder.

Gasmåler W8

The weight of the cylinder when empty stands on the side or the top – 5,3 kg.

Where to buy gas meter W8:

You can scroll. buy gas meter W8 here •See more via link: DCT Vejle A / S

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