Installation of pressurized water pump, expantionsbeholder, centraltvsuger and frost protection of the hot water tank m.v.

Kaaba 780 Royal from 2002 is opgarderet with various delicious extra and improved equipment – In addition, too little opgardering of Cabby 800.

Interchangeable standard water pump for a quality pressure water pump:

One af the advantages of diaphragm pumps (Water Pressure Pump) is that they provide the same amount regardless of the pressure, wherein the pump is a normal blast wheel type, and it goes down in volume by increasing the pressure, it means the Jutland: They do not deliver the goods.

Non-return valve is not required on the type of pump because it is a diaphragm pump, and the intolerance to run dry and is self-priming. The ordinary pump which I replaced belong to the top quality, but my dishwasher could not run with the due. the small amount of water at the pressure it needs, Now run the dishwasher optimally, like water in the toilet bowl comes roughly completely around now, and the shower can actually be used for bath 🙂 .

water pump caravan

Here are the standard water pump which has now been replaced with pressurized water pump.

NB. The portions of the standard pump was used, and the pump is actually just been replaced by a hose into the water tank 🙂 .

Caravan membrane water pump

This quality membrane water pump 12V 17L / min was mounted

Membrane water pump

water Membrane

water Membrane

New expantion tank mounted pressure water pump:



Frost protection

There was also fitted with a frost protection, It automatically shuts off the water, when the temp drops below 5 grader……………..The cart left unattended in 3 day every weekend, Therefore, anti-freeze should there be a power failure during the weekend, or you do not get the water off in time – One can also shut off manually, by turning the top of the 🙂 .

Frost protection caravan

This frost protection was also fitted.

Frost protection caravan

This standard valve was dismantled, and anti-freeze valve was mounted instead of.

Frost protection caravan

Here you see frost valve mounted, and replaced with the yellow standard valve as shown in the above image.

Our caravan is often used, that. 3 days each week with water, etc.. That is why, I want to ensure Aldefyret, which is of course the expensive part. Fat if a winter were to occur blackouts, or you do not get water in time 🙂 .

I have otherwise acquired for approximately. 100kr in hose, clips and other small items for the installation of pressurized water pump, expantionsbeholder and frost.

Installation of Central Vacuum:

cantral vacuum cleaner

Cantralstøvsuger was mounted 🙂 .

Central Vacuum Cleaner

Central Vacuum Cleaner

Central vacuum cleaner completely assembled ready for use.

Fitting indstigningshjælp / intruder security at our Cabby:

Fitting indstigningshjælp / intruder security ensure you have a handle, and take hold of when you are in or out of the caravan, and when folded it serves as additional locking of the caravan.

Outside there is a rubber gasket with, who received butyl-on both sides, they delivered balls were scant in length to a Cabby, at the time when I installed the same type indstigningshjælp / intruder at The hobby was long enough.

Indstigningshjælp caravan

Indstigningshjælp / intruder security

Burglary Protection caravan

Holes drilled ready for installation.

butyl sealants

Butyl sealing compound used 🙂 .


Brackets mounted inside.

Fully assembled indstigningshjælp / burglary protection

Fully assembled indstigningshjælp / burglary protection, seen from inside.


Fully assembled indstigningshjælp / burglary protection.

burglary protection

Attaching a rail to wheel cover, then you do not have to make holes for snaps 🙂

I must have mounted a rail for wheel cover on our Cabby trolley, and the rail is a set Isabella. When assembling this set you avoid, to make holes for snaps. This means you can mount this universal shine without any screw holes, using only the supplied adhesive 🙂 . There are also rails for enkelakslet caravans.

Wheel cover

Picture before mounting rail.

Rail wheel cover

Rail set for wheel cover from Isabella.

Rail wheel cover

Rail wheel cover unpacked.

Wheel cover rail

Wheel Cover shine from Isabella is now mounted at the red horizontal marker.

Wheel cover

Wheel cover mounted and here you see the final result.

Mounting the drying rack on the drawbar,:

Mounting the drying rack on the drawbar, – Note spanner in the first picture, often discussed with other campers how to most hensigtmæsigt range bracket properly fixed. While tightens the bracket, a single key that is placed in the opening to the brake 🙂 .

Clothes Dryer

Disassembly / ready for mounting of fittings.

Drying rack on the drawbar,

Drying rack for coating

Fully assembled on the drying rack coating.

Big thanks to Hugo Nielsen for the above Article.

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