Do you manage your gas refrigerator in the caravan ?

Gas nozzle and the gas burner for refrigerators

Maintenance other than gas test:

Maintenance other than gas test:

In a caravan and maintenance, it is apparent often, that caravan gas appliances must follow the guidelines for maintenance of gas appliances.

The caravan's owner or user, which is responsible for, to the gas installations are maintained and secure.

You must therefore bla. see what the manufacturer described for maintenance, and here there is often not enough, to get gas aesthetic caravan each 2 year. For example, Dometic refrigerators installed in many caravans and camper describes the following regarding “maintenance”, see below:

Maintenance (source Dometic)
#We refer to, at jvnf. Current regulations require gas equipment and associated exhaust system for flue checked by a qualified expert, before using it the first time, and every two years for compliance with the European Norm, EN1949. There shall be issued a certificate for such controls is the user's responsibility to ensure, this check is performed.
#The gas burner should be cleaned as needed, However, at least once a året.Ved use of autogas (tank or refillable bottles) shortened maintenance interval.
Keep documentation completed by maintenance by the fridge.
#Works on gas components and electrical equipment may only be performed by authorized specialists. it is recommended, the kind of work performed by an authorized customer service center.
We recommend maintenance, if the vehicle has had a longer operating pause. Please contact our customer service in the rise.

cf.. Dometic instructions section. 5.14

Gas burner (Refrigerator):

As Dometic writes should the gas burner cleaned as needed, but at least once a year. By using the tank or refillable bottles shortened maintenance interval.
That means, that due to campers using refillable bottles
(F-gas), should the gas burner to the fridge cleaned at least once a year.

Do you live Security Agency's instructions and the manufacturer's instructions, you should do the campers make: gas test hvert 2 year, and cleaning the gas burner at least 1 once a year.

Complete burner for refrigerators

Complete burner for refrigerators

To clean the burner should check the gas nozzle, due “the gas nozzle is a wear part”. The gas burner is also a wear part, and must therefore be assessed by cleaning the need to be changed. Besides your own safety, it can also affect your refrigerator cooling effect. Is the flame in the gas burner is not strong and effective enough, cools your refrigerator is not to max performance.

Gas nozzle for refrigerators

Gas nozzle for refrigerators

The gas burner and gas nozzle to the fridge is the smallest in the whole caravan, and therefore, possibly. “impurities appear in the refrigerator until”, it is sensitive (gas nozzle and burns to the refrigerator).

In order to maintain the safety of gas refrigerator and maximum cooling performance, There is therefore good reason, To ensure the above maintenance is carried out.

What can happen if there is no cleaning or gas nozzle is defective:

If there is no cleaning of the gas burner or the gas nozzle is defective (is a wear part), may come a ukontrollerende flame as fire hazard – See the picture below which shows a ukontrollerende flame due to defective nozzle / inadequate cleaning:

Ukontrollerende flame due to defective nozzle / inadequate cleaning

Ukontrollerende flame due to defective nozzle / inadequate cleaning

See youtube film uncontrolled flame.

As we noted above ukontrollerende flame as shown in the picture and youtube film was immediately turned off the gas tap to the refrigerator, and a caravan dealer which is authorized competent company was contacted, and got rectified the error – Read more what we got rectified.

Our caravan was gas aesthetic ca. 4 months prior to the above problem with the flame appeared ukontrollerende, so you have no guarantee of a gas test to ensure the above does not happen – Read more about what a gas test contains this article.

The flame on the picture is about. 5 cm, and coming out of the round hole on the gas burner as you see in the picture, pure luck flame have not got hold of the plastic insulation on the wire to the spark plug.

We selected, to the switch “new gas nozzle and complete new gas burner” while, even if the dealer stated they only used to change the gas nozzle – We had contacted Dometic who said they recommend changing the gas burner with gas nozzle (The caravan is 8 years old).
To switch the gas nozzle the gas burner to be disassembled, so there is good reason, to assess whether the gas burner must be changed simultaneously.

It is not recommended, to try to clean the gas nozzle if it has some years behind him, it does not give good results, and the risk of having a bad deflagration, or risk you are made the small hole in the gas nozzle too big, can greatly affect subsequent.
Ny gasdyse i 2016 prices costs about. 130 kr excl. labor.
After replacing the gas burner and gas nozzle, you still need to maintain with cleaning the gas burner at least 1 once a year – Read more about cleaning the gas burner in the article.

The durability of the gas nozzle or gas burner depends on how much load has been on your refrigerator (items to be cooled).

Is cleaning the gas nozzle / gas burner including a gas test:

The answer is no – There is no purification of the gas burner or the gas nozzle at a gas test.

We have requested some caravan dealers around the country, and all those we have asked states, the cleaning of the gas burner / gas nozzle is not executed by gas test, but only if carbon monoxide target figure is not respected – So happens purification via trykludt through the small hole in the gas burner. Immediately happens not separating the gas burner, and we were informed it is an additional repair as typically being billed separately for approximately. 0,5 time ekstra, if there must be adskillse for, to carry out the cleaning of the gas burner.

It was also announced, that you as a customer / consumer itself should request, to undergo cleaning the gas burner for your fridge.

When the caravan dealer makes cleaning the gas burner, it typically takes place by compressed air, and often only if carbon monoxide target figures by gastric stones are not able to fulfill my requirements or if you as a customer commissions the work.

It does not take much before cleaning should be done, eg. , particles of the flue gas burner falling into the, or there may come a edderkoppespin in the gas burner / gas nozzle or chimney flue.

As shown in the extract from Dometic, Dometic recommends that only authorized personnel who carry out cleaning of the gas burner.

It is not clear from Dometic user manual how cleaning must be carried out.

If you make your own cleaning gas burner, and does not have an air compressor, you may want to use compressed air from a spray can as bla. can be purchased from Thansen. If you can make cleaning without tools, live you the rules of the Gas Regulations Section B-3, and we have requested Security Agency informing you like yourself should perform cleaning without tools, i.e. to purification of a gas burner with compressed air via the small hole in the gas burner of the refrigerator.

In the future, we have an aerosol can of air fixed in caravan, it is tiresome, that you are on holiday, and optionally. spider web or other sits in the gas burner.

Compressed air via spray bottle

Compressed air via spray bottle

Safety Agency states the gas test is the cleaning of the burner, if the visual examination and other gas with burner in operation, giving rise thereto.

How cleans you gas burner:

It is important if you even cleans the gas burner, that the most optimal method used.

By cleaning the gas burner on most refrigerators in caravans happens no separation of the gas pipe (the fixed installation), even if you release the gas burner from the chimney flue.

You can use compressed air for cleaning without the use of tools and had to separate anything, but once in a while should be cleaning the gas burner happen by loosening the gas burner from the chimney pipe stuck with a screw to the chimney flue.

When the gas burner is detached from the chimney flue, you must blow compressed air 2 sites – You must blow compressed air through the chimney flue, make sure the gas burner loosened protected thus falling debris from the chimney flue does not come down in the gas burner.
You can also switch on the chimney with a fixed lizard, then exit to blow compressed air up the chimney.

After you apply compressed air in the chimney flue must end by, blowing compressed air into the actual gas burner. In order to prevent the gas nozzle from becoming clogged, you should blow air through the small hole for the gas burner (see picture below), so ensure you possibly. dirt in the gas burner comes out of the gas burner, and away from the gas nozzle.
You start by blowing compressed air into the gas burner, blowing you might dirt stuck in the gas burner, while you risk dirt is blown into the gas nozzle with a very small hole, and thus are very sensitive.

The above method may provide. dirt comes right away from the gas burner.

Start by blowing compressed air in through this hole, in the direction of the gas burner

Start by blowing compressed air in through this hole, in the direction of the gas burner

Here you can see from the top down in the gas burner

Here you can see from the top down in the gas burner

Keep in properly gas flame from a gas burner terms”size and color;”, helps ensure your refrigerator provides maximum cooling and ensure proper incineration terms of carbon monoxide, Last, but not least, you avoid uncontrolled flame as shown in the picture in the article, as a Fire Hazard.

When should you replace the gas nozzle and gas burner, depends on several factors, secondly how much your refrigerator has been used, but may also depend on not using so often.

We apply themselves often our fridge on gas operation, and immediate replacement probably in future take place every ca. 6-8 year, however, the gas nozzle the weakest point, and perhaps replacing the gas nozzle are solely Before replacing the gas nozzle and gas burner occurs simultaneously.

The gas burner can easily be cleaned, while the gas nozzle is not easy to clean so that, and is very sensitive, for example if you try to clean the small hole with a needle or other, can you risk not subsequently correct combustion – It is not recommended, that you try to clean the gas nozzle with a needle or another through the small hole.
Cleaning the gas nozzle should only be done with a cotton swab with some suitable dirt dissolving agent, then sprays, for example, a straw hole in the nozzle clean.

Material prices 2016 is about. 130 kr. a gasdyse, and about. 500 kr. for a complete gas burner, In addition comes Labor.

DC Lead Gas Regulations Section B-3 concerning. caravans, appears bla. following: point. 7.3.1. Service on the F-gas installations must be performed by authorized or approved by competent companies.
Regular maintenance of gas appliances, which does not require the use of tools, can be performed by the user or on its responsibility.

Safety Authority has stated you want even have to clean the gas burner with compressed air via the small hole in the gas burner, However, assuming that you can not stand some of the tools.

NB. You can check for leaks by putting a little soapy water on, If it bubbles, there is a leak.

Check the gas hose density, see link regarding. gasrelement:Link – click here.

See more on: Remember Documentation – After Liver dealer applicable rules.

The picture below shows the replaced parts:

replaced parts

replaced parts

Improved cooling effect after replacing the gas nozzle and gas burner:
After replacing the gas nozzle and gas burner, we have experienced improved cooling effect. In addition, we could not hear the gas flame from the gas burner before replacement. Now we can when we are at refrigerator grate hear the gas burner, so there must be considerably more flow / power of the gas burner than before, In this manner there are also more cooling power 🙂 .

Remember Documentation – After Liver dealer applicable rules:

It is important, that when you receive an invoice, it contains specific information about what is done on your caravan's gas system, the invoice cycle. can be used as documentation for insurance at any. accident etc..

When we got replaced gas nozzle and gas burner, we received an invoice which was deficient, which stood on the invoice there was a Hobby caravan, which should stand Kabe 🙂 . The invoice stood “writer”, and then stood there “nozzle” – How can a 3. party figure it is a gas burner for a refrigerator, and a gas nozzle for a refrigerator, it might as well be on the gas grill or gas stove 🙂 – We asked caravan dealer, to correct the invoice with the right information and specific information.

In addition, we did not automatically copy of “installation-servicerapport” regularly carry gas regulations section B-3.

We asked caravan dealer, To change the invoice so it was with correct information, In addition, we requested copies of “installation-servicerapport”.
Installation service report documenting, to the use of measuring equipment and gas system has been tested for leaks after that replacing gas parts, and documenting proper carbon monoxide target figures which complies with current requirements for values.

NB. There must always be one “installation-servicerapport” after making the replacement of gas parts of the caravan's gas system, and you are entitled to get a copy of that report as evidence.

Caravan dealer was not prepared, To give you a “installation-servicerapport”!

Due caravan dealer was not prepared, To give you a “installation-servicerapport”, we informed Gas Regulations Section B-3 describes, to be drawn up “installation-servicerapport” by replacing the gas parts.

We lit simultaneously, that there would be contacted Security Agency (STYLISH). We contacted Security Agency, but we did not specify the name of the caravan dealer. Safety Agency announced, that the authorized or approved by competent company must make measurements with measurement devices on a switch of gas parts such as gas burner and gas nozzle to refrigerator, and prepare an installation service report.

Then we contacted caravan dealer which is authorized or approved by competent company, and stated what Security Agency had explained to us.

We agreed then, the caravan dealer within a month passes by caravan, and implement measurement and prepare a “servicerapport”, which he accepted.

We are satisfied with this option, in spite of a little tug of war – We did not want, harming caravan dealer business, Therefore, we announced not their name to the Security Board.

safety Agency (STYLISH) informs: A gas test is extensive. This includes the density- and carbon monoxide measuring device, a functional check and a general maintenance check of gas equipment. Source Security Agency.

Impair refrigerator effect

Defective or slightly worn gas nozzle and gas burner may impair the effect of your refrigerator power, and remember it is wearing parts, so it will not last forever, however, a refrigerator is not operating on gas, often be worse for operation ratio than a refrigerator which is often in operation.

Attention is 100 % closeness:

It is important that the 100 % tightness between the back of your refrigerator and inside the caravan, if by the combustion is delivered primarily water vapor and carbon dioxide (CO2). Incomplete combustion may produce carbon monoxide (CO) which binds the 200 times stronger for blood hæmogobin than oxygen (O2), and it becomes carbon monoxide poisoning if there has been close between the back of your refrigerator and inside the caravan.

One should remember that generally few accidents occurring at gas operation in caravans, therefore no need to panic.
For example, although visual look after, the chimney or eg refrigerator grate clogged, carrying out the purification of gas burner for a refrigerator through the small hole in the gas burner from time to time, and gas test each 2 year – So you should not worry – We have always used gas for heating and refrigerator, and continue to use the gas refrigerator and heating as long as we have caravan.

Check the gas hose density:

The only thing you may have to check the installation tightness, If in doubt, that the hose connection is tight. You do this simply by, you come soapy water and look at, if there is a leakage of gas, that there will be soap bubbles. There may be used conventional washing soap in the same mixture, as if you wash up.

If you smell gas odor, you should immediately shut off the gas supply. Do not use appliance, Before you contact a qualified heating contractor company.

The above is information from SIK's website – Se link fra SIK:Link – click here.

Check the gas hose density:

Troubleshooting regarding. “gas refrigerator”:
1) The burner is dirty, such that the flame is too small, and the thermocouple is not correct hot.
2) The temperature sensor is not properly positioned with the tip of the blue flame, whereby the thermocouple is not really hot.
3) The gas nozzle is clogged, defective or worn.
4) Cable connections are iret or loose.
5) Fasteners of land lines, check it is clean and fast.
6) Gas valve in the gas box is in the open position, and gas valve in the caravan is in the open position
7) The He gas i gasflasken

gas test:

To live up to the rules recommend Security Agency, the owner of a caravan least every two years returns for a gas test of the caravan gas equipment.

NB. You do not, to get gas aesthetic caravan every year, it should only gastestes each 2 years if you need to comply with Security Agency's recommendations for gas test.

Remember, that if you as a caravan owner does not comply with Security Agency recommended interval 2 years for gas test of caravan, can come out, that in the worst case happens serious accidents / injuries, and insurance cover in case of accidents.

Insurers have always burden of proof, so whether you have not complied gas test each 2 year, and there is an injury / accident insurance company must prove the damage / accident attributable to the due is not made gas test each 2 year.

safety Agency (STYLISH), producers, dealer – interpretations, interfaces, etc.:
We have been in dialogue with the Danish Safety Technology Authority, where we have a number of questions to the gas regulations and manufacturers' recommendations.

Our dialogue and questions in the Security Agency and the manufacturer, has been clarified several factors, and has brought we now better understand interpretations, etc..

One must assume, a gascertificeret caravan dealer, know 100 % for gas regulations section B-3 as well as manufacturers' recommendations and requirements.
The consumer expects when the caravan's gas system is repaired / maintained at a gascertificeret caravan dealer, the applicable rules are complied with – Evidence suggests, that not everyone has full knowledge of Gas Regulations Section B-3, as this trader had not prepared an installation service report after replacing the gas nozzle and gas burner.

The article has been updated with the following, after receiving an installation service report:

Difference in CO (carbon monoxide) and CO2 readings after replacing the gas burner and gas nozzle:
We have now received an installation- and service report, where the caravan dealer has prepared a complete gas test.

We looked closely at the prepared gas test report with accompanying printout from the measuring equipment used. As we had commissioned a gas test just 4 months ago we could compare the two gas test reports.
We controlled via measuring print out whether it was the same measuring equipment that had been used for the two gas test, which we were able to confirm the. It appears from the print out from the measuring equipment, the name and unit number to the measuring equipment is the same.

There have been measured CO (carbon monoxide) and CO2 values ​​in refrigerator, cooking range, heat source (On the 3010). The concentration of CO (carbon monoxide) in air is measured in PPM (parts of 1 million) (Parts Per Million).

We are interested in, to see the results on the refrigerator where “gas burner and gas nozzle” was replaced – Our Kabe has a Dometic RM 8551 refrigerator installed which is about. 8 year.

Our gas test which was carried out for approximately. 4 months ago (Before replacing the "gas nozzle and gas burner"), showed the following measurement results from measuring equipment:
Ppm= 20 CO (carbon monoxide) og Co2 = 5,6

Gas test performed after replacing the "gas nozzle and gas burner" showed the following measurement results from measuring equipment:
Ppm= 3 Co (carbon monoxide) og Co2 = 1,1

As shown, there is a big difference in ppm = CO (carbon monoxide) century enhanced by 17 🙂 , which means the CO (carbon monoxide) improved significantly after replacing the “gas nozzle and gas burner”. This shows how important it is “gas nozzle and gas burner” is cleaned and is not worn. The difference in Co2 number is 4,3.

Husk CO (carbon monoxide) is dangerous:

CO (carbon monoxide) is an invisible and odorless gas.
CO (carbon monoxide) developed naturally in combustion processes, and the risk occurs when such gas furnace and gaskøleskabe not burn properly.
The problem with carbon monoxide occurs, if combustion takes place properly, and combined with a leaking or clogged vent, wherein the flue gas and thus possibly the CO. have the ability, to be discharged in the room where you stay.

The following symptoms may stem from carbon monoxide poisoning:

• 35 ppm: This is the maximum allowable concentration of CO, as a healthy adult should be exposed to a continuous period of 8 timer.
• 200 ppm: Slight headache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea after 2-3 timer
• 400 ppm: Frontal headache during the 1-2 timer, for life threatening 3 timer
• 800 ppm: Dizziness, nausea and convulsions within 45 minutes. Unconsciousness within 2 timer. Death in the 3 timer.
• 1600 ppm: Headache, dizziness and nausea in the course of 20 minutes. death within 1 time.
• 12800 ppm: death within 1-3 min.

There are various carbon monoxide detectors on the market:

If a carbon monoxide alarm will not give an alarm, it does not exclude, that there may be CO (carbon monoxide) in other areas. A carbon monoxide alarm can not replace other alarms such as smoke detectors and gas detectors – It is important you choose quality.

We are confident when using our gas appliances in the caravan, as long as we live the conditions mentioned in the above article, blue. gas test hvert 2 year.

We check yourself visually, that is near the back of the refrigerator, and inside the caravan, the exterior ventilation grills refrigerator and gas-fired chimney is not closed to. Look on the flame to gas refrigerator burning well (nice blue flame), check the interior vent pipe from the gas furnace to the chimney are secure and undamaged (leaky).

In connection with the replacement of our smoke detector, we have chosen to fit a carbon monoxide alarm – See more via this link: quality “carbon monoxide alarm” in caravan 7 year warranty and 7 year battery life 🙂

Gas burner (select any. more answers, and use the voice button):

poll results:
Votenumber of polls
My gas burner for refrigerators are cleaned my. each year14.77%
I make self-cleaning gas burner for refrigerators34.9%
I get my caravan gastestet wheat 2 year50.34%

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