overweight Caravan

Weighing caravan and car:

We can now weigh our caravan and car with our small weight which can weigh up to 1.500 kg pr. axle / wheel. There are two models of the German quality manufacturer Reich, one which can weigh max 1.000 kg pr. axle / wheel, and one which can weigh max 1.500 kg pr. axle / wheel.

It is very simple to use, and includes weighing applications to the car or caravan. When weighing run first one wheel over weight, then the other wheel, and finally run you nose wheel over weight.

You are told how much each axle weighs and how much ball pressure, and eventually you will be informed the total weight 🙂 . This means you will obtain the weight in the right side, and in the left side, and finally maximum load.

We have considered our holiday caravan packed with the above weight:
It's easy and fast, to weigh his caravan and car of this weight.

After weighing the caravan could we discover we have some Pushchairs caravan 🙂 , but in addition also found out the axle on the right and left side had a difference of about. 94 kg, and ball pressure was a little too high 🙁 – Both factors may contribute to unstable driving.

We now have packed a little about the caravan so we achieve the same axle as possible on each side. We control considering again before we run, and then we take our weight on holiday, it weighs only about the. 1 kg and takes up very little.

We also considered the car's axle:

The above weight can also be used for weighing the car, and why roads car ?, because you need to ensure maximum safety for yourself and others.

There are rules about how much the steering axle (front) at least to have the weight:
When checking weighing authorities, the police can make control of the car's steering axle (front), and the front wheels are on the weight. Here controls police, at least 20% the car's weight is on the front wheels (car steering axle).

See article regarding the weighing of caravan:

Weighing the Camper

Kugletryk's measures:

Although we can measure the maximum load with the small weight, we thought it smart, we can see our ball pressure via the nose wheel has integrated load indicator.

We have previously used a red plastic ball pressure gauge we put in front, wherein the stabilizer is mounted on the towbar.

We would like to have a load indicator that is securely placed on caravan, and we have therefore chosen Winterhoff jockey wheel with load indicator. We chose Winterhoff because we have Winterhoff stabilizer mounted, Thus, it fits together 🙂 .

Now we can just read the bullet press, caravan must still be level by reading the nose load indicator. Typically, our ball pressure slightly heavier at the start of the holiday, in that the gas bottle is filled to capacity, and as we consume gas on vacation, the ball pressure less, and now with fixed load indicator allows us easy, To correct for the maximum load along the way while on vacation.

In addition, we have the electronic scale capable of measuring ball pressure, so we can of course check the real load indicator weighs correctly 🙂 .

For large ball pressure can reduce the car's grip on the front wheels. When the police consider your road train, checking the weight of the vehicle's front wheel, the emphasis must be at least 20 % of vehicle weight, too high a ball pressure can cause you do not meet the 20 %.

The police does not check your ball pressure, unless the vehicle combination looks visually “much” wrong – The police check on your vehicle combination has 20 % of vehicle weight on the front wheels and the caravan axle.

See article regarding “the right ball press”:

The right ball pressure

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Packing List – Download 3 different packing lists:

Keep track of your weight in the caravan while you make sure you have it all with 🙂 .
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