Wurmi Pegs for awnings

Wurmi Pegs

Wurmi pegs are skruepløkker which is a good alternative to the well-known stålpløkker. Wurmi pegs screwed into the ground, and you can either use your hand or using a battery-powered screwdriver with adapter.

Wurmi offers a wide range of skruepløkker all grips firmly in the soil or sand, also flexes they. Wurmi pegs are quickly and easily, To mount regardless of whether there are clay or stone.

Wurmi start set

Wurmi start set includes a wide variety of different skruepløkker for attaching the bla. awnings etc.. The starter kit contains 40 PCS. standard Wurmi (18 cm.), 40 PCS. clips for bardunsnore grip for mounting pegs and an adapter for screwdriver.

Wurmi pegs

Wurmi start set 40 his

Wurmi pegs

Start set

Wurmi glass fiber reinforced pegs

The pegs are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, making them lightweight and durable. The series also includes other exciting accessories based on the same principle as the pegs eg. a parasolspyd and a rod holder.

Starter Set skruebitsbit for screwdriver, bag for pegs and screw bits. Also included with a screw bits for hand cancer – It oozes quality.
Wurmi pegs
Wurmi pegsWurmi pegs

Wurmi stålpløkker

Need extra strong pegs to set up your tent or storm protection, you should choose Wurmi Prof. which is good choice for the quality-conscious campers who fits his equipment. It really is quality, and are you worried about your pegs can hold you should clearly choose Wurmi steel pegs as storm pegs.

Wurmi Proff. pegs are fremstillett of steel, and manages even the most challenging tasks, and then bends they, when they hit a stone - instead find the way around.

Quality, quality and the most robust solution we've had on the pegs.

Wurmi pegs

Pack of 2 PCS. Wurmi stålpløkker incl. stainless shackle

Wurmi Pegs

Wurmi pegs

Wurmi pegs

24 mm steel wrench for screwdriver

Wurmi pegs

Wurmi pegs

Wurmi Pegs

If youtube movie

Where to buy Wurmi pegs

•Link: Wurmi Shop


There is no doubt when selecting Wurmi, that you have chosen quality pegs and durability. At the same time you're ready for the worst job.

It's fast, to mount wurmi pegs, In addition, it is something which keeps.

Wurmi glass fiber reinforced pegs are very solid, and can be used for the whole.

Wurmi Proff. the pegs are made of steel, and manages even the most challenging tasks, and then bends they, when they hit a stone - instead find the way around. Steel pegs are some of the most optimal we've tried, and the most durable as stormpløkker.

With a starting set, and possibly. some Wurmi proff. steel pegs, then you pro camping equipment that can mostly for your camping trips.

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